Sunday, 30 October 2011


Working above and below the law: the almost outlaw-ish looking cast of the hit French drama BRAQUO. Image: CANAL+

Some of TV's finest and iconic coppers, including the likes of THE SWEENEY's Jack Regan, LIFE ON MARS Gene Hunt and the police team headed by Captain Laure Berthaud in the acclaimed continental series SPIRAL, have all perilously trod along the blurred and consequences filled line between good and evil, of keeping within the law and breaking the law in the pursuit and maintenance of their lives and careers capturing criminals. Now comes a new French made series-the countries penchant for quality drama continuing breathlessly unabated- with an even darker and more consuming spin on the concept, as its four lead characters fully cross over the threshold in BRAQUO, whose first acclaimed series is showing exclusively in the UK on FX HD from tonight at 10pm. Set against the old buildings and darkened streets of Paris, this hard hitting crime drama concerns a top police squad group who regularly take on the lowest of the low by way of measure for measure means, and now forced into an uncompromising path where they have to do everything they can, including breaking the law if they have to, so as to restore the name and honour of their framed ex-captain, who's falsely accused/framed in a corruption charge, alongside the abuse of a prisoner in custody, by his superiors and their acolytes within both the police and government.

With brutality, murder, blackmail, intimidation, rough sex and car chases aplenty in their course to correct this disturbing state of affairs, and featuring a large and complex cast of characters played by Jean-Hugues Anglade (star of film classics BETTY BLUE and LA REINE MARGOT, here as primary lead Eddy Caplan), Nicolas Duvauchelle, Joseph Malerba and Karole Rocher, BRAQUO, created by Olivier Marchal (highly regarded as one of the best of the new wave of French crime drama film-makers), looks set to provide viewers with another great adrenaline shot of European TV before the soon return of THE KILLING Season Two, and future runs of SPIRAL, onto British shores.

Check out the UK FX website for more on the series and characters: About - Braquo - Shows - FXUK

Here's the official French site covering Seasons One and Two: Braquo 2 - CANALPLUS.FR

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