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The all-star cast of the BBC's lavish new adaptation of GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Images: BBC.

No one can make lavish and engrossing costume drama quite like the BBC, as has been proved time and again with so many critically acclaimed and popular audience hits like 2005's beautifully made BLEAK HOUSE and its successor LITTLE DORRIT, as well as going back to the late seventies and early eighties with their Sunday Afternoon Classics strand, produced by Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks, encompassing such iconic adaptations of THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP and OLIVER TWIST amongst its accomplished entries. Now comes a new version of Charles Dickens beloved, emotionally complex GREAT EXPECTATIONS, deemed one of the great British novels of all time, and set around the mysterious Satis House and the adventures of the orphan Pip, guided into his destiny as a gentleman by an unknown benefactor.

Trailer: Great Expectations Trailer - BBC One - YouTube

Gillian Anderson continues to carve out a fine character acting career.

With an all-star cast portraying the books memorable characters, including Gillian Anderson (can she possibly top her sterling work from BLEAK HOUSE?) as the ghostly and manipulative Mrs Havisham, wandering the corridors of her equally decayed estate in her crumpled fading wedding dress, Ray Winstone as the escaped fugitive Abel Magwitch, POIROT's David Suchet as the clever and malevolent lawyer Jaggers, and, playing the all-important lead role of Pip, THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH star Douglas Booth, hopes are high for Dickens fans, who admire the authors seemingly timeless and resonant storytelling showing us a mirror to the very best and worst of the Human condition, that this new adaptation will be of the highest calibre yet.

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