Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Total Recall! Poppy Montgomery is the memory fuelled Carrie Wells in UNFORGETTABLE. Images: CBS TV.

With her red-headed sex appeal, ever pouty lips and shapely, kick ass figure, the determined and more confident new-look for American actress Poppy Montgomery clearly shows within her equally shiny new star vehicle, the mystery drama/cop thriller series UNFORGETTABLE, showing exclusively on the UK's SKY LIVING HD channel from tonight at 9pm, and a positive step away from the previous role she had as part of an ensemble in the also hit drama series WITHOUT A TRACE (as the talented blond haired FBI agent/ people tracker, the intriguingly named Samantha Spade!), and her recentish biopic portrayal of celebrated HARRY POTTER author J.K. Rowling.

In this new CBS show, Montgomery plays Carrie Wells, a fiery and subtly enigmatic former police detective from Syracuse, blessed with a rare ability: Hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition which has given her incredible and flawless cognitive memory abilities where she can see, remember and recall everything and every experience she's ever had, and a gift that certainly makes her capable of giving Benedict Cumberbatch's snootily clever version of SHERLOCK HOLMES a run for his money in the mental agility and detection stakes, as well as giving Casino bosses a terrible headache in the gambling stakes! Snappily introduced atop Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" single, Montgomery makes a strong mark in the pilot episode's opening scenes, ably proving herself a series lead.

Carrie with partner-in-detection, Al Burns (Dylan Walsh).

Co-starring with NIP/TUCK's dedicated ex-surgeon Dylan Walsh, as Detective Al Burns, whom her character is re-partnered with despite the fact that the pair were ex-lovers (see the complex verbal fireworks that ensue!), upcoming episodes from the first twenty episode season being investigated by Carrie include the continuing, and haunting, sub-plot involving her teenage sisters murder (the only event that the heroine can't quite remember in detail), uncovering the truth behind a destroyed crime scene area, and taking on the usual corrupt cops that always seem to be lurking somewhere within the depths of the numerous New York City police departments. Developed for television by Ed Redlich and John Bellucci for CBS, from the original short story The Rememberer (written by J. Robert Lennon), UNFORGETTABLE is a well-made and glossy series, which, with its strong lead performance from Montgomery- another strong American female role of note from these last few years, looks set to have all the ingredients to make it a perfect new series addition for the dominant SKY LIVING channel and its equally dedicated core UK viewership. With the hopeful potential for some intriguing storylines and further character development-it could be the next MEDIUM-type success if it plays its cards right, its current solid ratings success in the US looks likely to see in a second season...

Check out UNFORGETTABLE's official site here: Unforgettable - Brand new and exclusive - Sky Living HD and Unforgettable on CBS.com

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