Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Spaced-out! The cast of FUTURAMA return. Image copyright: Matt Groening/20th Century Fox.

Matt Groening and 20th Century Fox's other animation child supreme, the sci-fi comedy of intergalactic proportions, FUTURAMA, returns from Friday 29th March on SKY ONE HD. Once cryonised ex-20th century boy Pizza boy Philip Fry and his way out there crew of the Planet Express continue their final frontier adventures in the 31st century, with the kind of warped-out ideas and all-round humorous chaos that fans have loved on and off since 1999.

As always, that lovable robot rogue Bender (voiced with attitude by John DiMaggio) gets the lions share of all the best foul-mouthed, egocentric and misanthropic storylines: this time even getting to becoming self-replicating (heaven help us!), whilst Fry has to deal with the return of the once extinct common cold and the rest of the crew encounter a strange life-form with gender-bending powers. It looks like its gonna be one of those days numerous times over...

With a guest cast including THE SIMPSONS Dan Castellaneta, returning to voice his iconic role of Homer, plus other modern day heroes the likes of real-life space legend Buzz Aldrin and scientist Stephen Hawking, and even a cameo from Tom SpongeBob Squarepants Kenny himself, this season looks set to be the most ambitious, and hopefully funniest, yet...

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