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No time for fun and the sun with the more sombre team of HAWAII FIVE-O Season Two. Images: CBS/PARAMOUNT.

At the end of the last premiere season, things weren't looking too good for our modern HAWAII FIVE-O team: Steve McGarrett was framed by his regular nemesis Wo Fat for the murder of Governor Jameson, and duly arrested, Danny "Danno" Williams pregnant ex-wife and their daughter had left the country, Chin Ho was back in the regular police and his cousin Kono was also behind bars after having been identified by a Granny at the previous crime scene where the elite squad had been forced to steal money to pay a previous ransom on Chin Ho's life. So, yep, it was doom and gloom all round!

As the new season picks up, coming to the UK on SKY ONE HD in January 2012, Steve, now locked up in his best orange prison fatigues, faces off against against another old enemy- the bloodthirsty Victor Hesse (James Marsters)- whilst his friends pick up the pieces and try to rescue their ex-boss. The Season opener Ha'i'ole is a very good, fast paced start for fans as well as a warm re-introduction to the series, even more glossy and fast paced than before, and promising some different story and character dynamics to come for at least the first half of the year, so be prepared: shocks and surprises await, with one of the latter moments being the welcome return to television of Terry O'Quinn (previously Locke- one of the principal heroes, and villains, of LOST), playing Navy SEALS instructor and ex-mentor to McGarrett, Lt. Commander Joe White, now back in Hawaii to help Danny and Chin Ho get the dismantled squad back on its feet and discover the complex truth of all things relating to Wo Fat (always well played by Mark Dacascos). There will also be a brand new member of the team in the shape of Homeland Security Special Agent Lori Weston, played by Lauren German, the return of Chin Ho's love interest Malia (as played by 24's Reiko Aylesworth), whilst Season One's occasional role for ex-HEROES Masi Oka, as obsessive compulsive brainiac Dr. Max Bergman, goes full time series regular (and as part of the cast title sequence, too!).

Beyond all that, future series episodes include the hunt for a kidnapped 15 year old girl, a battle with a killer taking out members of a Navy SEALS team, a mystery linked to the death of a salvage diver/treasure hunter, and the ongoing storyline linked to McGarrett's deceased father, John (Bill Sadler), intriguingly develops ever further. Guest casts for the new season include TV/film veterans Tom Sizemore and Don Stroud.

Season Two titles: Hawaii Five-0 Opening song Season 2 - YouTube

Behind the scenes of Season Two: Hawaii Five-0 - Behind The Scenes: Season 2 Premiere - YouTube

Here's some great pics from the Season Two opener and future episodes:

Steve's in the slammer in Season Two opener Ha'i'ole.
LOST and re-united: Terry O'Quinn (as Joe White) shakes hands with Daniel Dae Kim (as Det. Chin Ho Kelly)
New cast member Lauren German plays Special Agent Lori Weston opposite McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny Williams (Scott Caan).
More problems for Kono (Grace Park) in Ma'eme'e.
McGarrett locks horns over Kono with tough new Police Captain Vincent Fryer (Tom Sizemore) in Ma'eme'e.
More action for McGarrett in Mea Makemae.
Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) takes on Joe White (Terry O'Quinn) in Ka Hakaka Maikai.

Look out for more on Season Two on KOOL TV in the not too distant future...

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