Thursday, 23 February 2012


Serial shocker! Laura Bach as Deputy superintendent Katrine Ries Jensen, alongside Jakob Cedergren as Thomas Schaeffer in the new Danish series on UK TV: THOSE WHO KILL. Images: ITV/TV 2. 

It's time once again for UK viewers to immerse themselves in dark and disturbing high quality drama from Denmark, happily for us going far beyond their remit for selling Bacon, as ITV 3, finally discovering that there is life beyond re-runs, no matter how good, of Agatha Christie and INSPECTOR MORSE, finally get in on the act of selling popular foreign drama, starts it's premiere run of a new one-off detective series/crime drama THOSE WHO KILL, about a team of Denmarks' finest, which includes lead star Laura Bach as rising policewoman Katrine Ries Jensen and THE KILLING's Lars Mikkelsen as Magnus Bisgaard, chasing a serial killer with lofty and horrific ambitions operating within the heartland of Copenhagen after the gruesome discovery of a dead Polish prostitute. The following ten two hour episodes, ultimately being compressed into a run of six two hours in the UK, deal with a variety of other dangerous individuals to be apprehended.

Trailer: Those Who Kill trailer - YouTube

Bach and Cedergren with fellow actor Lars Mikkelsen as Magnus Bisgaard.

Created and written by author Elsebeth Egholm and Stefan Jaworski, and known in its native language as Den Som Draeber, THOSE WHO KILL is not quite in the same league as the original and outstanding first series of THE KILLING, which happily caught and took by surprise the attention of TV audiences so quickly, but it has a gritty atmosphere (both series share the directing work of Birger Larsen) and overall interesting storytelling that certainly raises it up above a lot of the detective/crime dramas currently being made and shown on British television, mostly starring Trevor Eve!, so it's definitely worth at least a look at the opening episodes...

THOSE WHO KILL is also out on DVD in the UK from March 26th. 

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