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Man in the mannequin mirror: Don Draper (Jon Hamm) sees new possibilities in MAD MEN season five. Images: AMC.

There's been hidden tears before bedtime, and alleged behind the scenes furores to mirror the kind of creative battles that that class act Frank Darabont had, and sadly ultimately lost, on THE WALKING DEAD, but the much anticipated, very long wait for super glossy, sixties world set MAD MEN is almost upon us. (Of which its secretive storylined season five has ultimately proved to be more resilient and stubborn against budget cut-backs and network interference (the modern-day equivalents to Zombie hordes?) thanks to the seemingly bullet-proof negotiating commands/threats initiated by its balls-to-the wall creator Matthew Weiner, against funders AMC).

Fans of series fave, advertising Svengali Don Draper (as played by the now TV series iconic figure of Golden Globe winning actor John Hamm), will soon see him back to what he does best in his slicked back prime: chair ensconced, cigarette firmly poised as the smoke smolders to the ceiling and the sharp glass of alcohol, backed with clinking ice, is restored to his hands as he and the team at the Sterling Cooper agency, always trying to keep one step ahead of the times and their competitors, conceive their next courageous and instinctive sales pitches, as well as further their battle of the sexes emotional and sexual campaigns, and trophy victories, in and out of both the boardroom and the bedroom. As the new plot lines emerge, can Draper's previous season engagement to secretary Megan (Jessica Pare) really go the distance? And as for his chilly, prior on the brink ex-wife, Betty (January Jones), how will her once embittered life further develop in its new reset button marriage? Oh, and how can we not forget the back in the game presence of that crafty talent Roger Sterling (John Slattery in a career best role) or the voluptuous presence of office managing red-headed leaguer Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks)?

Devil in a sharp suit: Don Draper (Jon Hamm).
A rose with thorns! Joan (Christina Hendricks) is most definitely back.
Matrimony's a bitch, and so am I! January Jones as Betty Francis.
Creative partnership: Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Don pose for the camera.

Trailers: Mad Men Season 5 Teaser Trailer - Sky Atlantic - YouTube
Mad Men - Season 5 Promo - YouTube
Mad Men - Season 5 - 'Roger Is Back' Teaser - YouTube
Mad Men - Season 5 - 'Joan Is Back' Teaser - YouTube
On Air Trailer, Betty Is Back: Mad Men - YouTube

The smoke filled aura of sixties style, amidst a clashing counter balancing act of hidden emotions, disharmony and secret longings past and present, will surely be well captured all over again by the shows dedicated cast and behind the camera crew, of which creator Weiner recently revealed that there will be a noticeable to the viewers passing of time story-wise between seasons four and five, along with other intriguing changes (especially with regards to the main and support cast). Jennifer Getzinger directs the double episode opener, whilst Hamm and Slattery, as well as starring, will also be bringing creative fire to the series visually on several key episodes this season. Mad times for MAD MEN, then, and mad, bad and hopefully glorious days for its dedicated worldwide audience starting from March 25th in the US, and quickly after (the 27th) on the UK's SKY ATLANTIC HD.

Sixties cool with the new season main cast.

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