Wednesday, 28 March 2012


No place like home? Dark days ahead for the Harmon family in AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Image: FX.

That wise old saying, "When somethings too good to be true, then it is probably is!", is foolishly ignored- happily for us TV viewers- by the emotionally scarred Harmon family-psychiatrist husband Ben, bitter wife Constance and vulnerable but resilient daughter, Violet-when, to get away from all their prior emotional problems and start life afresh, they move into the a restored mansion house- amazingly going cheap, and within a desirable and very trendy part of Hollywood, Los Angeles. Unfortunately, in no time at all, that home is where the heart is feeling is soon shot through with all the subtlety of a metal fatigued, razor-sharp crossbow, as the trio become unwittingly embroiled, later trapped so as to become part of the misery, in all the history and tragedy of the houses legion of past owners, caught in a true AMERICAN HORROR STORY that crosses all types of horror genre into a satisfying and thoroughly addictive, as well as often completely bonkers, main dish of sex, violence and visceral film and TV referencing. Giving viewers what they want, the show is packed with expanding and often scary supernatural phenomenon, kinky going-ons (oh boy, Alexandra Breckenridge...guaranteed to get male heartbeats racing!), time crossing and a variety of weird and very wonderful characters unveiled over its thirteen episode run (special mention must go to the award-winning Jessica Lange for her Deep South drawled and vindictive portrayal of the Harmon's neighbour, Constance Langdon), followed by lots of violence and ingenious murder, that quickly turned the show, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, into a compulsive MUST-SEE-TV phenomenon, as well as finally giving lead actor Dylan McDermott, as Ben, a well-deserved top quality series to shine in. AMERICAN HORROR STORY is truly one of the first actually unsettling and occasionally disturbing US shows to be made in quite a while.

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Season One will be repeated in all its creepy and visceral madness on the UK's FX and FX HD channels from next Wednesday April 4th, and, if you haven't already seen it, it's well worth a look and sticking with: the opening three episodes mixing horror and black comedy are especially good, and the premiere year ends on a strong note with its penultimate episode-the actual finale proves to be more of a book note to prior events, and a subtle (well, subtle for this show!) lead in to the eventual Season Two, coming later in 2012. More of those future happenings on KOOL TV as and when...

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