Tuesday, 17 April 2012


The young heroes of the well-remembered sci-fi hit SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. Image: FOX 

Buckle in for high adventure and intergalactic warfare with the return of the cult favourite sci-fi hit SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, created by those talented X-FILES/MILLENNIUM producers Glen Morgan and James Wong, and finally making its appearance on UK DVD, from MEDIUM RARE ENTERTAINMENT, after many long years of waiting.

The Wildcards -the heroic young warriors of the 58th space squadron- take on the technologically superior and mysterious Chig on land, seas and skies after the brutal aliens savagely destroy one of their far-off colonies, resulting in all-out war being declared between the two species. As humanity and their in-vitro artificial life-form creations gather together against a common and unceasingly hostile enemy, the universe shown in the sadly one-off FOX series becomes a battleground that explores the best and worst aspects of the human spirit, and the resulting triumphs and disasters that such warfare brings, updated into the futuristic realms of 2063 in a well-handled, believable and realistic way which also touches on aspects/echoes of our own real-life World Wars and later history-carving conflicts like the ones seen in Vietnam and Iraq.

Season One early titles: Space: Above And Beyond Intro - YouTube

A potent and well-made mixture of strong storytelling, fine young ensemble acting and terrific CGI space battles and action, SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND will impress the shows existing UK fan base all over again (who, like me, originally watched its premiere on SKY, and then, in the wee small hours, on Friday nights on BBC 2 in the late nineties) and surely win over new converts, too.

They'll be more of SPACE on KOOL TV as it nears its eventual DVD release from April 23rd,  available in both a complete series six-disc box set collectors edition (with lots of new special features, including a 45 minute making-of documentary, original publicity material and deleted scenes), and as an individual release for it's feature-length pilot episode.

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