Thursday, 19 April 2012


Motorway madness! Mark Valley returns in HUMAN TARGET. Image: FOX

Good action heroes never go out of style, and especially not Christopher Chance, played with dependable charm and physicality by the likable Mark Valley in the popular US adventure/light comedy hybrid HUMAN TARGET. The shows unnecessary second season revamp may have ultimately killed it off with viewers, but this first season, back in HD reruns on the UK SYFY Channel from tonight, was a promising debut that's often great fun.

A new breed of heroes: Season One of ALPHAS. Image: SYFY.

Finally being shown in HD after some very iffy picture quality in its premiere digital run on the FIVE USA channel last year, tonight SYFY also welcomes its first season screening of the humans with superpowers series, ALPHAS, an intriguing new variant on the kind of ideas seen in the X-MEN films (if a little more realistic, and without the leathers), which will be a nice primer for the upcoming second season later in the year.

If anyone out there reading this hasn't seen either of these shows, they're well worth a look-in...

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