Monday, 23 April 2012


Footballer, doctor, now scientist: the delights of actress Parminder Nagra continue. Image: ULIKE. 

She's bent it like Beckham and saved lives within the busy and tumultuous world of a top Chicago hospital ER, now lovely British actress Parminder Nagra continues her rise up the Hollywood chart planting one stiletto into the past and the other firmly in the present as the time jumping and mysterious psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Lucy Banerjee, investigating the emerging dark and dangerous secrets of ALCATRAZ and its inmates within the titular hit FOX series.

Football crazy! Parminder and Keira Knightley in the UK indie-film hit BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM. Image: ULIKE.
And as the talented but often beleaguered Dr. Neela Rasgotra in ER. Image: WARNER BROS.
Within these walls... Parminder as Dr. Lucy Banerjee in ALCATRAZ. Image: FOX.

Shot down by an assassin early on in the series, and in a decades spanning relationship with her boss,    FBI agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neil), who was one of the few prison guards on the once island containment facility who didn't mysteriously disappear in 1963, does the still youthful Banerjee have the answers to the evolving mystery buried deep down somewhere in her subconscious? Seemingly more cold-hearted in the present, is she truly friend or foe? Keep watching this enjoyable mystery, now showing on the UK's WATCH HD channel, which carries on from the fine, if often baffling, tradition of LOST. And let's hope for a season renewal, too!

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