Sunday, 1 April 2012


The lovely British actress Rebecca Mader, as seen in the 2011 comedy series WORK IT. Image: ABC TV. 

Her fiery, often shady time-travelling architect character of Charlotte Lewis in the hit adventure/drama LOST may, ultimately, and sadly, have been unintentionally shortchanged in the final year of her two season stint on the series-ultimately due to an already creaking the floorboards major ensemble cast with multiple plot strands to be sorted out by the shows writers as it reached its finale), but that hasn't stopped the spirited and lovely British actress Rebecca Mader making a fine career for herself in American television, with guest star roles in other hit, well-known shows like ALPHAS (playing a deadly assassin with an ability to render herself invisible to the human eye), NO ORDINARY FAMILY, COVERT AFFAIRS and LAW AND ORDER to name but a few. Sci-fans who love the J.J. Abrams stable of sci-fi, including the aforementioned LOST, will be pleased to hear that she'll soon be playing another strong character role in the upcoming fourth season (series?) finale episodes of the mind-bending, mind-busting FRINGE (currently showing in the UK on the SKY ONE HD channel), playing Jessica, a potential new love interest (?) for the amiable scientist/ lead Peter Bishop, as played by Joshua Jackson. Jessica will become involved in the FRINGE division's desperate search for the renegade, parallel world traversing, terrorist super baddie David Robert Jones (as played with a high intelligence, supercilious nature by the excellent Jared Harris). KOOL TV looks forward to seeing Miss Mader in the series and what developments her appearance will bring...

Rebecca poses for another weird and wonderful LOST promotional shoot.
Getting down and dirty in the jungles of LOST, with Jeremy Davies and Josh Holloway.

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