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The final battle. Christian Bale suits up for war in Gotham City, as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Images: WARNER BROTHERS.

He's fought battles against some of the most belligerent and dangerous foes ever to threaten his blighted, corrupted city of Gotham: from the sinister vagaries of the visceral nightmare machine that was the Scarecrow, the strongest must survive at all costs mentality of Ra's-al Ghul, the wanton destruction and anarchy of the totally insane and colourfully psychopathic Joker, and the twisted malevolence of the revenge fuelled and brutally scarred Two-Face, the once noble and dignified district attorney Harvey Dent. Now, from the ashes of such evil come Batman's most destructive and powerful physical threat yet, the anarchistic terrorist known as Bane, as personified by the breathing masked venom of Tom Hardy in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the final film from mega-talent Christopher Nolan's written and directed world box office shattering intelligent action/drama blockbuster series featuring the caped crusader, Batman, originally created by Bob Kane, now so well on-screen personified by Christan Bale in a brave and bold cinematic vision far removed from anything previously seen in the character's long life on film and TV screens.

Good versus evil, and Gotham is in chaos.

In a dramatic up scaling of events parallelling whats happening in the real economic world the poor become poorer and the rich become richer in Gotham City, leading to a series of riotous and murderous events ripe for the emerging threat of Bane to take advantage and control of, using a calculated rebellion mixing the worse of Gotham's criminal low life with the embittered denizens of Gotham as a revolution begins, leading to the return of Bruce Wayne as Batman after ten years away from protecting the people, and having been previously branded a fugitive for the murder of Harvey Dent-a scapegoat role he himself decided to take on to preserve his late friends dignity as a moral crusader against evil and corruption, rather than be discovered for his terrifying final life as Two-Face. But, this time around, can even Batman be Strong enough to take on the strength and seemingly unceasing terror tactics of Bane and his life and death changing agenda? And how will his alter-ego of Bruce Wayne be personally and physically caught in the crossfire of the carnage that is Gotham's greatest modern-day nightmare?

Trailers: The Dark Knight Rises - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - YouTube

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2 Official 2012 [HD] - Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway - YouTube

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #3 [HD] - YouTube

On screen Batman faces his toughest and darkest times yet, but behind the camera, Nolan also has several of his own huge challenges and responsibilities to live up to with his third and final entry in his dramatic crusade to make a realistic and darker hero for our times, not only having to dodge the third sequel is always the weakest syndrome/mantra that has affected Hollywood blockbusters over the last twenty years or so, but also build on and top the the fine work he brought to the previous 2008 movie, THE DARK KNIGHT, with its blitzkrieg of popular and critical success, and the wave of adulation and mourning/tributes that followed the late actor Heath Ledger in his impressive performance as the Joker, as well as the sensational modern sci-fi action hybrid Nolan followed that with: INCEPTION. From the trailers so far, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES certainly looks intriguing, has a story that is certainly sophisticated and relevant to our times, has formidable gritty action large and small scale, and looks set to have a physically formidable performance from the always enjoyable Tom Hardy, who has carved out a strong acting career since his early days on BAND OF BROTHERS and as the bald clone baddie Shinzon in STAR TREK: NEMESIS, as well as the aforementioned INCEPTION.

Heroes and villains! Batman, Catwoman and Bane in three great teaser banners for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.
Friend or foe? Catwoman brings more explosive chemistry to the adrenaline mix.

Lending other anti-hero status to the film, and certainly raising the blood pressure for male viewers in her kinky combat leather, is the lovely Anne Hathaway who brings bitterness and criminal ambition to the role of opportunist high-stakes burglar Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, whose soon antagonistic will they or won't they relationship with both Batman and Bruce Wayne looks set to be re-imagined and re-ignited in a way slightly different to anything previously established by the no-less impressive Michelle Pfeiffer, alongside Michael Keaton, when she inhabited and dominated the role in Tim Burton's gothic nightmare/black comedy vision that was BATMAN RETURNS. Other fine guest support in the film comes from top-tier INCEPTION stars including Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an impressionable and brave police officer, John Blake, Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard, adding sophisticated French glamour and seductive mystery as Miranda Tate (who may also be the revenge-fuelled daughter of the late Ra's-al Ghul) and maybe, if the on-set spoilers have been correct, a cameo from delightful JUNO actress Ellen Page, no stranger to super heroics with her debut in Brett Ratner's lively third X-MEN movie, rumoured to be playing Barbara Gordon-soon to be Batgirl. The film series regular heavyweight supporting star stalwarts of the series also make a much welcome final bow, including the always enjoyable British acting icon Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne's conscience and confidante, the ever loyal butler Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Wayne Enterprise's high tech industrialist and savvy weapons supplier-a modern day Q: Lucius Fox, and Gary Oldman, fresh from his success in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, bringing a fine sense of humanity, decency and bravery in the face of adversity as Commissioner Jim Gordon, whose beleaguered character, always a friend to Batman, faces his toughest challenge yet in leading the fight back against the seemingly overwhelming forces of Bane. More noteworthy genre favourites include Matthew Modine as a new Deputy Commissioner, GAME OF THRONES Aiden Gillen, LOST's Brett Cullen as a sticky politician, TORCHWOOD's Burn Gorman, STARGATE's Christopher Judge and PRISON BREAK's Reggie Lee.

Shattered mask. Is this the end of Batman?

Catching all the breathless action with big screen IMAX cameras (including a stunning mid-air hijack opener and a soaring new Batwing fighter in aerial action above Gotham), on the behind the scenes front Nolan brings his usual talented array from the previous two BATMAN films to bear with full creative force, including co-scripter brother Jonathan, composer Hans Zimmer (who has created an ominous new theme of moody chanting for Bane, as well as a true clash of titans movement for Batman and Bane's fist clashing), and cinematography from Wally Pfister. Released from July 20th in the UK by WARNER BROTHERS, custodians of the DC COMICS film and TV realised universe, expect the eagerly anticipated website crashing fan base of Dark Knight fans to rally, not just here but in their worldwide millions, to see, enjoy and speculate on what will hopefully be their favourite comic book hero's greatest on-screen hours.

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