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Fashion killer! Maggie Q is beautiful and deadly in NIKITA.  Images: CW channel/WARNER BROTHERS 
Getting the chance to flex her trigger finger muscles once again in her war against the evil agency known as Division, who originally turned into a lethal assassin, led by the ruthless Percy (the always seedily nasty Xander Berkeley), that top heroine, the sleekly beautiful but deadly Nikita (as played by the delicious Maggie Q) returns to UK TV tonight on the SKY LIVING and HD channels for the second season premiere. Last time, Nikita was finally reunited with her lover, Michael (the cool action hero caught in middle of all this crisis, played by Shane West), once assigned to track down and kill her, and now, realising he had been equally betrayed- his family cold-bloodedly executed on the orders of his own people- joining forces alongside her in their mission of revenge and restoring order to the intelligence services protecting the world and American soil. Searching for the mysterious black boxes and their custodians that contain vital information that will expose the company, of which one is already in their possession, they now have a new enemy dispatched against them, Nikita's once protege in revenge, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), who, feeling betrayed by her once friend due to the secrets of her past having been kept from her, is now seemingly determined to regain her once Russian business empire heritage and join forces with both Division, and the dangerous Black Ops fraction of American Intelligence behind it: Oversight, to seek and destroy Nikita whatever the cost! Friends now enemies, with each knowing how the other will think and fight, they're the perfect opponents in this game of power, subterfuge and intrigue, where not everything or everyone is what it seems. To nick a catchphrase from another popular series, "When they met, it was murder!"
New enemy: Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is hot on the trail of Nikita.
The Season One cast (including Shane West as Michael and Melinda Clarke as Amanda) return for Year Two.

Trailers: New Nikita Official Season 2 Trailer - YouTube
Nikita Season 2 - Official Preview Trailer - YouTube

The dramatic fireworks look set to be taken up a satisfying notch in this year's 23 episode run of viewer accessible exploits (including a flashback to Nikita's deeply troubled pre-agency past and a more at large Percy out for payback against Nikita and his new Division/Oversight rivals), whilst the series regular stand-out action sequences and pyrotechnics will surely top or raise the bar higher to whats been done before..

Welcome back, Niki!

Here's some great images from such adrenaline packed upcoming episodes...

Spy-dom's Bonnie and Clyde in action in the episode London Calling.
Nikita's past life as a junkie comes back to haunt her in Rogue.
Seymour (Aaron Stanford) and Alex search for clues in Rogue.
Infiltrating a facility in Crossbow.
Michael and Owen (Devon Sawa) join forces in Pale Fire.
24's Carlo Rota guest stars in the episode Shadow Walker.
Nikita captured by Amanda in Power...
...and the same for Alex in Partners.
No time for any Sports Illustrated swimwear shoot for Nikita during Season Two!
Erica Gimpel and Eric Deros guest star in Rogue
Nikita confronts Percy (Xander Berkeley) in Clean Sweep.
An important moment for Alex in Origins.

Look out for more of KIKTA on KOOL TV in the not too distant future...

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