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Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington, centre) and her team (including THE WEST WING's Joshua Malina, far left) are an altogether different kind of Presidential Protection Team in the new drama series SCANDAL. Images: ABC TV.

Described in some circles as "the anti WEST WING", Shonda Rhimes, executive producer of the soapy States-side hit medical show GREY'S ANATOMY, brings us SCANDAL, creates a new and apparently gritty drama series for ABC TV that's hopefully far removed from the previous soapy hospital environs of emotional and physical trauma that, whilst still popular, has seemingly passed its genre sell by date. Seemingly re-vitalising the small screen realisation of modern-day political and relationships intrigue set within the upper echelons of power that is the Oval Office, SCANDAL is, by its nature and description, exactly what the series is about, through the eyes and work of a powerful and influential damage control liaison and political fixer, Olivia Pope (played by the lovely actress Kerry Washington, best known for her film work in the likes of recent hits THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, and the two fun MARVEL comic blockbusters about THE FANTASTIC FOUR and the upcoming Quentin Tarantino western epic DJANGO UNCHAINED), apparently based on a real-life member of the George Bush administration, who's smart and savvy enough to know what's right and wrong for the people of America through their POTUS (that's the President, for all of us not in the know with all the behind the scenes lingo!). Having been a former communications director to President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn), Pope and her well chosen and accomplished team of heavy-hitters (described as "Gladiators in suits'!) know how to make the most of, avoid or limit the daily problems and/or complex challenges facing and surrounding their boss and paymaster in his actions as the most powerful and recognised leader of the Western World, knowing when and where best to play to his greatest of strengths and personal charisma in the position. The very fact that she knows him beyond the job and her earlier political position-that she was and may soon continue to be his secret mistress- also puts her in a candid and unique position and perspective in which to influence his life and career, in ways that Martin Sheen never had with Allison Janney!

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant.

Washington has the ability to be tough and tender in her new series role, capable of locking horns and verbal interplay with the President's most powerful players inside and out of the Oval Office (including Jeff Perry as the powerful bull-in-a-china shop figure of White House Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene) and looks set to continue the trend for strong female lead roles in prime time series, what with the recent success of Julianna Margulies in THE GOOD WIFE, Anna Torv in FRINGE, and Maria Bello in the controversial US remake of the hit UK police drama PRIME SUSPECT.

Trailer: Scandal New ABC Series Official Trailer (Premier 2011 Fall) - YouTube

The Season One key art for SCANDAL. 

I'd hardly put the aforementioned GREY'S ANATOMY in my definition of KOOL TV, but from this new series trailer, its solid cast (including Guillermo Diaz as Olivia's top investigator, Huck, LOST's Henry Ian Cusick and THE WEST WING's Rob Lowe replacement, Joshua Malina), guest stars like MILLENNIUM's Megan Gallagher and Kate Burton (playing the Vice President), backed up with overall interesting plot synopsis for year one- and a second season on the way- which show a mystery/political thriller emphasis to them in certain developing areas, SCANDAL could be sufficiently intriguing enough for me to sample it when it eventually arrives in Blighty...

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