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Strike a pose! The lovely Australian film and TV actress Melissa George satisfyingly mixes innocence and sex appeal. Image:

With a fine career in popular cult international movies-often playing a vulnerable heroine who shows true courage and resourcefulness in the worst and most heinous life-threatening situations, in successes like the mountain climbing drama, A LONELY PLACE TO DIE, vampire gore fest 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, the TWILIGHT ZONE'ish TRIANGLE (a very enjoyable movie that's well worth watching) and TV movies like Pierce Brosnan's recent Stephen King adaptation BAG OF BONES, as well as a run in the hit US spy drama ALIAS, gorgeous Australian actress Melissa George hits British shores once again, this time for the small screen in what looks set to be a promising new BBC action thriller series, HUNTED, created by THE X-FILES top producer/writer Frank Spotnitz (intriguingly starting out as a vehicle for that series star Gillian Anderson), and from the same production team behind the acclaimed fantasy thriller LIFE ON MARS and the long running modern spy saga SPOOKS (known in the US as MI5).

In HUNTED, the shapely Miss George is the once elusive Samantha Hunter, a top spy who has to return to her once employers, a shady and shadowy outfit known as Byzantium, to track down and eliminate an enemy force out for payback against her. During the course of this surely very glossy series, Sam has to work out who this enemy combatant is, and, most importantly, who she can trust. For time is running out...

Trailer: ‘Hunted’ 90-second Trailer from the BBC - Melissa George

Agent on the run: George as Sam in HUNTED. Image: BBC/SHINE INTERNATIONAL.

From early footage, the new show, very much keeping the SPOOKs film-making style, and which apparently took quite a bit of time in the behind the scenes process to get made, looks fast paced and intriguing, with George a capable lead in the action/ character stakes. She's backed up with a solid and intriguing supporting cast, too, including GAME OF THRONES enjoyably slimy Stephen Dillane and sneery Patrick Malahide, as well as the no doubt intimidating presence of LOST's Mister Echo himself, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. It heads to UK and US TV screens this Autumn...

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