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The beautiful and shapely Miss Emilia Clarke, capturing fans hearts worldwide as the bold Daenerys in GAME OF THRONES. Image: Leo Cackett for GQ UK, April 2012.

Finally, those non SKY UK digital viewers not previously able to see George R. R. Martin's splendid and evocative fantasy drama GAME OF THRONES in its original terrestrial/satellite premiere on SKY ATLANTIC HD will deservedly get their chance to enjoy every epic moment of it on the SKY ONE HD channel, starting weekly from tonight at 10pm. What can I further positive comments can I say about the show that haven't already and previously been said by the shows deservedly devoted and enthusiastic critics and fans over the last few years: it's a true triumph of complex heroes and villains in a fantasy oh so well conceived. Now into Season Two and beyond, we all have our favourite characters, but surely one of the most popular must be lovely young British actress Emilia Clarke's winning and very relatable character of Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled member of the silver haired Tagaryen family, the once rulers of the Kingdom of Westeros, forced by her slimy and spiteful public schoolboy terror of a brother, Viserys (a great performance from fellow Brit thesp Harry Lloyd), into marrying one of the most brutal warlords of their faraway island shelter across the Narrow Seas, Khal Drogo of the Dothraki (a spirited and certainly muscle heavy Jason Momoa), in order to form an unstoppable army against their once empire's new rulers. Despite some early hardships and at first uneasy sexual discovery for young Daenerys, her once vulnerability garners a tough shield as she soon uses strong feminine wiles and bold emotional choices, coming straight from the heart, to ultimately win the respect, love and true partner loyalty/ dedication of her husband as his "Khaleesi", earning freedom from her tyrannical brother.

Daenerys, as seen in the opening episode of GAME OF THRONES. Series images: HBO.

Daenerys story is a compelling and beautifully told one in the premiere year, with an ultimately very touching and heartbreaking resolution, ultimately linked with and following into a new dawn and destiny for the young warrior queen, alongside her new adoring people/followers, in a future genetically bonded to the prophecy of the once dragon empire that ruled the skies and the world...

Wed to her warrior husband, Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)
New dangers await our heroine in Season Two, alongside her protectors (including Iain Glen, right, as Sir Jorah)

Before GAME OF THRONES, I hadn't been aware of the gorgeous and vital Miss Clarke, a relative newcomer to the film and TV world, but she soon made her considerable impact and mark felt in this risk-taking role of which she has received such appreciation and acclaim. In between filming seasons of GAMES, she can be seen in two 2013 projects that are certainly far different and removed to her role as Daenerys: a coming of age drama about a young indie bad, Spike Island, and a new thriller starring alongside JUDGE DREDD's Karl Urban, Overdrive.

A great acting future awaits the talented Miss Clarke. Image: IMDB.


Season One is also available on DVD and Blu-ray. 

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