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Through a dark lens. The legacy of Frank Black and the eerie MILLENNIUM TV series are explored in the new book, BACK TO FRANK BLACK. Image: FOURTH HORSEMAN PRESS.

Regrettably cancelled one season shy of reaching the new era of mankind, Chris Carter's horror/thriller series MILLENNIUM always had rocky support from its makers at 20THE CENTURY FOX, seemingly never quite sure what to make of it, or how to schedule/promote THE X-FILES creators all-together darker second show, with it's sombre but brilliant lead star Lance Henriksen playing seasoned serial killer hunter Frank Black linked to the mysterious, decades old Millennium Group, but its die-hard viewers loved every moment of the often disturbing, yet also at times enlightening and emotional series, and for years its huge worldwide fan base have valiantly tried to get the show resurrected in numerous online campaigns, supported by Henriksen and his equally fine co-stars at varying times, all of whom realised that the shows storytelling and character potential had only just started to be tapped when it was unceremoniously ended with its back to basics third season.

Trailers: Millennium TV series promo starring Lance Henriksen - YouTube
Millennium Series 3 promo - YouTube

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New attempts to get MILLENNIUM resurrected are underway, but in a bigger and more consertive pull than ever before, linked to a brand new retrospective book going behind the scenes of the landmark series and its popular themes. Titled BACK TO FRANK BLACK, edited by Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon, the publication has received very positive word from critics, fans and the shows behind the scenes talents, with key players Henriksen, Carter and writer/producer Frank Spotnitz having added sterling foreword contributions to the project.

Support the fan efforts and get hold of the book, whose proceeds go to charity, here:
Back To Frank Black - Who We Are…

Facebook page: BacktoFrankBlack Campaign

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