Saturday, 19 January 2013


An oil state for the cast of DALLAS. Image: TNT.

The family fortunes of the Ewing oil empire explode into crisis and feuding once again for the upcoming second season of TNT’s hit re-imagining of the classic eighties series, DALLAS, coming to the UK’s FIVE channel from 29th January. And the legacy of that crafty and beloved JR Ewing, as played by the irreplaceable and sadly departed Larry Hagman, will be celebrated, remembered and mined for emotional drama in the process. Hagman was on fine form during the previous premiere year, despite the cancer which saw him depart for a couple of episodes. Indeed, before his passing, he even managed to film around six episodes of Season Two as the family’s greatest, and brightest, manipulating, oil baron, dutifully and greedily out to reclaim his papa’s birthright, and in constant opposition against his loving and always faithful brother, Bobby (Patrick Duffy). The iconic character of JR will apparently be killed off, with an episode (eight) that concentrates on the characters funeral, a time that will surely be genuinely emotional for the cast and audiences, as well as giving the behind the scenes writers the intriguing opportunity to introduce a new plot-line linked to his on-screen departure. There are further developments for the rest of the Ewing family, too, as Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster) finally make wedding plans, John Ross (Josh Henderson) gets a fiery new lady into his bed (possibly 24’s lovely heroine Annie Wersching?), whilst Bobby’s faithful Ann (Brenda Strong) will be left bed-ridden and ill due to a mysterious set of circumstances that her husband must unravel…

As an additional bonus, keeping links to the classic series, there’s also the return of old-time series veterans Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark for a few episodes (presumably linked to J.R.’s funeral), who previously went on to headline their own DALLAS spin-off of the time, the very popular KNOTS LANDING. Whilst Ken Kercheval, still shining as the wily entrepreneur Cliff Barnes, obsessed with getting one up on the Ewing clan, will hopefully get more prominence as the series antagonist alongside his now outed daughter, Pamela Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo).

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