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Trophy killing. The death of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) brings heartache and terror to TWIN PEAKS. Image: UNIVERSAL.

Twenty-two years on from her original, chilling debut- her wrapped in plastic body floating down the river toward its eventual onshore winter birthing- the TV and cinematic legacy built around the late Laura Palmer, the troubled young girl savagely murdered by dark forces emanating from the quiet and kooky town of TWIN PEAKS, remains one of Hollywood's finest treasures, as informatively enigmatic, scary and enjoyable as ever. David Lynch and Mark Frost's twisted, funny, supreme black comedy horror series, with that little twist of sci-fi thrown in, plus its plethora of lovable and off-kilter characters, has quite rightly deserved its iconic, often hauntingly surreal place in our Cult TV hearts- a true original series the likes of which we hadn't truly seen before or since, inspiring and spawning many similar competitors and hybrid-esque type series, none of which have matched it in terms of quality, scripting and acting. The show also quite rightly made Kyle MacLachlan a household name at the time as FBI Agent Dale Cooper-steadfast, enthusiastic and loving his "damn fine coffee", whilst giving him  instant sex symbol status with ladies of a certain age. Beyond the humour, TWIN PEAKS also gave us one of TV's most disturbing forces, initiating a genuine sense of dread and fear in viewers, truly peeking out from behind the sofa whenever he/it turned up: the entity of savage and sadistic violence that was "Bob".

Twin Peaks - Opening Credits Sequence - YouTube

Those great and dedicated guys and gals at the terrific Bring Back Twin Peaks FACEBOOK page (Bring Back Twin Peaks to TV) recently got in touch to inform me that, after years of speculation, and with the recent success of the series on must-have Special Edition DVD, a new third series of the beloved show may yet be on the cards: whether we'll see the return of Agent Cooper is not fully known (though creator Mark Frost has hinted his enthusiasm for continuing the future timeline that showed the older Cooper in the Red Room, with the backwards talking little man and the spirit of the deceased Laura Palmer), but the town's restored or re-imagined enigmatic presence and characters, be they old or new, and just what new events they will be intertwined with, will surely be the key factor in whether it succeeds or not with both the original fan base and new audiences. With such formidable talents from the past engineering its comeback, it has a better chance than most in the ratings game. Where's that future predicting Log Lady when you need her!

Twin Peaks Series Retrospective @ USC: Q&A Part 5 - YouTube

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