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Seat of power! The gloves are off for Francis Underwood (a towering Kevin Spacey) in the US version of HOUSE OF CARDS. Images: Netflix.
Two of Hollywood's finest talents of their generation-Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey, and director David Fincher (known for his dark storytelling work on hit movies like SEVEN and THE American remake of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO)- join forces with the ever growing NETFLIX movie downloading service to create an all-new, premiere commission, thirteen episode political drama/ thriller series: HOUSE OF CARDS

Keeping the title and the kind of bare bones format of the original and superb British BBC 1 TV series upon which it's based, originally created by all-knowing politician Michael Dobbs (who's also an Executive Producer on this new version), the US re-imagining, bigger and broader stroked, sees Spacey (taking his lead role cue from the original series masterful performer, Ian Richardson) portraying the powerful, corrupting and all-knowing politician and House Majority Whip Democrat  Francis 'Frank' Underwood, who unleashes his charisma and personal enterprise to rise to even greater power and ambition within the American political system, after feeling manipulated and betrayed by the current President, Garrett Walker (Michael Gill), whose taking of the centre seat he helped win. As the brutal war between the two opponents is initiated, a young political reporter, Zoe Barnes (AMERICAN HORROR STORY's Kate Mara, sister of actress Rooney), is beguiled and manipulated to the full by Underwood, as his personal in-it-to-win-it grudge match escalates to even greater opportunity and risk taking.

Netflix Original Series House of Cards - Trailer - HD - YouTube

The series key cast: Robin Wright, Kevin Space and Kate Mara.

Co-starring Robin Wright as Underwood's equally ambitious wife (Fincher, directing the opening two episodes of the series, having cast the actress after she made an impression on him with her performance in his GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO adaptation)-truly the Lady McBeth of the series, NETFLIX's debut series has won critical acclaim and continues apace with its two season order, paving the road further to an even darker direction for the series lead anti-hero character: one surely tailor made for Spacey's biting, amoral, antagonistic and all-dominant style, always enjoyed and appreciated by worldwide audiences.
Let's hope that Ian Richardson classic, now immortal political line- "You might think that. I couldn't possibly comment!"- also makes it across the pond...

Watch HOUSE OF CARDS USA here: Watch House of Cards Online | Netflix

Check out the original British version here: The House of Cards Trilogy [1990] [DVD]: Ian Richardson: Film & TV

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