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Battleground: Earth. The cast of V. Images: WARNER BROTHERS. 

Humanity and its resources are still very much back on the menu for those evil reptiles from the Sirius solar system, also bearing an unceasing cannibalistic thirst for flesh- the Visitors- in the popular two season running re-imagining of Kenneth Johnson's classic V from a few years back, now returned in weekly re-runs every Tuesday on the UK's SYFY and HD Channels.

V: The New Series - Season 2 Syfy UK Trailer 2 - YouTube
V: The New Series: Season 2 Syfy UK Trailer - YouTube

No remake could ever capture the spirit and dedication of writer/creator Johnson's original mini-series sci-fi allegory concept from 1983, but this update is enjoyable enough, with spirited performances from the shows two female stars, LOST/REVOLUTION's Elizabeth Mitchell as caring and dedicated FBI agent turned resistance leader Erica Evans, and Morena Baccarin in a career-making turn long before she shot to fame as the emotionally damaged wife of American Islamic terrorist Nicholas Brody in Showtime's HOMELAND. In her long legged, business-suited guise portrayal as the despicably cunning and cruelly sadistic Anna, determined to rule not just humanity but also going on an insane quest to destroy God and the Human Soul, Baccarin genuinely gives her all for the series and proves a worthy successor to Jane Badler's equally evil Diana (who also makes a set of impressive regular appearances as Anna's imprisoned mother in the improved Season Two).

Meeting the aliens. Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Tyler (Logan Huffman) hook up with Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) and Anna (Morena Baccarin).

V: The New Series Cast Promo Interviews - YouTube

Ratings may have sadly decreased over V's all-too brief run, resulting in the shows unfair cancellation by ABC (who never really supported it as well as they should have done), but I have no doubt that the overall format of the show will return to excite and create drama all over again in the not too distant future. It's just too good an idea. But next time, more money and time needs to be spent to get it just right-potentially, I feel, as a series of event TV movies rather than a weekly endeavour...

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V superfan Ilana Rapp continues her quest to bring the series back to the airwaves. Support her here: Project Alice

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