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Love-bathroom style- for Lois and Peter Griffin. Yep, it's FAMILY GUY! Image: FOX.

It's that time of the year again, as love, chocolates, and romance-Valentine's Day fever- hits the world. In celebration of this cosy day, KOOL TV takes a nostalgic look back at what we feel are some of the netherworld of television's most memorable, iconic and perfect couples or pairings...

Still believing: Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Mulder (David Duchovny) in THE X-FILES. Image: FOX.

FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY (THE X-FILES). At first wary and distrustful of each other, the FBI agent pairing of scientist Dana Scully (red-headed classic beauty Gillian Anderson) and ex-behavioural analyst Fox Mulder (the quirky David Duchovny), working from the sub-basement of their Washington bureau by their unloved and cranky superiors, would go on to form the greatest of trusts and respect for each other as they finally uncovered the truth about the paranormal and visitations to our world from outer space forces. By season six, the duo, now isolated from the world and having lost so much in their lives, finally became lovers and had a child, whom, due to the constant dangers still waging war against them (alongside the baby's unusual and growing supernatural abilities), had to be put into foster care. Having finally made peace with their ex-FBI bosses and their emotional demons, Mulder and Scully were last seen taking a well deserved break from it all-heading off on a boat to a tropical island!

Clip compilation of some of their fun moments: TXF - Mulder & Scully - Funny moments - YouTube

Bionic Ever After: Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner). Image: UNIVERSAL.

STEVE AUSTIN and JAIME SOMMERS (THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN). Not only a beautiful couple to look at, they were very cool super agents and bionic, too. He was an ex-astronaut and she a tennis ace: both caught in near death situations and saved with the the aid of modern technology. Steve Austin (Lee Majors) was the first to receive the special "augmentations", and Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) was the second, with the former acting as a kind of mentor to the latter in facing and coping with the trauma and emotional difficulties of adjusting to life with new physical powers and abilities: to live life beyond the idea of being partially robotic. Dangerous missions and villainous baddies were all taken on with skill and charm by the pair, both as a team and in their own separate series. They eventually married-though that wasn't without a few hitches at first (aka an attack from a terrorist group intent on getting hold of their bionic technology!)- and now presumably live a retired, but still worthy life, in seclusion.

Looking back at the two series: Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman clips - YouTube

Living the high-and often very low-life: Peter and Lois Griffin in FAMILY GUY. Image: FOX.

PETER and LOIS GRIFFIN (FAMILY GUY). She's the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur who could have had it all, but basically gave it up for the man she loved, who's beyond trailer trash-basically a pot bellied, beer drinking, chicken bashing uncouth slob. But it's a match made in heaven for fans of great animation and comedy, and one of the most outrageous, all-time classic and enduring comedy couplings to outrage and entertain audiences, alongside the similar, if more cleaner and family orientated, Homer and Marge Simpson from THE SIMPSONS.

Clip: Family Guy - Lois Jumps Peter - YouTube

Watch out for that Krynoid! Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and The Doctor (Tom Baker) in DOCTOR WHO. Image: BBC.

THE FOURTH DOCTOR and SARAH JANE SMITH (CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO). Probably Seventies Saturday tea-time's greatest family adventure duo travelling the depths of time and space, as the magnetic, scarf wearing, curly hair mopped Tom Baker, at the height of his acting and personality powers, is the wandering alien Time Lord known as The Doctor, accompanied by the shows equally iconic companion, investigative reporter Sarah Jane Smith- an attractive and subtly fiery performance from the late, great Elisabeth Sladen. And it's a beautiful and enduring on-screen pairing, too: they're not lovers but the greatest of friends, and terrific role models- the ultimate representation of trust and partnership- for a family audience ever seen in the original and classic series-because of their great skill as Baker and Sladen, these were people you believed in as characters and trusted them in that, even in the most dangerous and life perilling situations, they'd find a way out and beat the baddies/monster of the week. The Doctor and Sarah are just as much in the fans hearts and minds now as they were then.

Their farewell in the episode The Hand of FearDoctor Who Farewells - Sarah Jane - YouTube

Wedded bliss for Robin Hood (Michael Praed) and Marion (Judi Trott) in ROBIN OF SHERWOOD. Image: ITV.

ROBIN OF LOCKSLEY and MAID MARIAN (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD): the eternal romanticised legend of the outlaw of Sherwood Forest fighting for the common man, alongside the beautiful maid who left her place in the privileged society to join him in his battle against the corrupt French descended overseers of England continues to inspire in all its book, film and TV interpretations. They are the first eco-terrorists if you like, but a wonderful pairing of fact and fiction, especially in the ambitious and well made Richard Carpenter/HTV created series of the mid-eighties-surely the greatest version yet of the story, with Michael Praed in the title role and the charming, freckle-faced Judi Trott as the fiery Marion, in a re-imagining which now blended accurate period detail with fantasy and the supernatural in a very attractive and stylised package. Dedicated to each other, and vowing never to leave one another, viewers hearts were consequently ripped out when the pair were finally trapped on a mountain-scape by the Sheriff of Nottingham's soldiers, and she could only watch in horror as her beloved brought escape time for her with his life-a beautiful moment from one of the series finest episodes.

Final scenes from The Greatest EnemyROBIN OF SHERWOOD Robin's Death - YouTube

Of courage and love: Catherine (Linda Hamilton) and Vincent (Ron Perlman) are BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Image: CBS.

VINCENT and CATHERINE CHANDLER (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (1980's). Another charming and enduring fairy story, bravely re-imagined by Ron Koslow to the modern day world of New York, as a rising star assistant district attorney, Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton), is viciously beaten and left for dead by her attackers, only to be rescued and tended to by a mysterious and big-hearted figure known as Vincent, soon revealed as a majestic, fiercely intelligent and passionate half man, half lion hybrid who lives a secluded but not sheltered life with his father and a community of self exiled people in an area underneath New York called Down Below. From this chance encounter a bond beyond love, beyond friendship, grows between Catherine and Vincent which, above the many adventures they had before her sad and ultimately unnecessary murder, would capture the hearts and minds of millions of the shows adoring female fans around the world, and instantly making Ron Perlman an overnight sex symbol under the brilliantly conceived lion make-up.

Clip compilation: Beauty and The Beast TV Series - You Made Me Believe - YouTube

Love and duty: Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Deleen (Mira Furlan) in BABYLON 5. Image: WARNER BROTHERS.

JOHN SHERIDAN and DELENN (BABYLON 5). At first, hated and feared by both their respective races, human military man Captain John Sheridan (played by chisel jawed hero Bruce Boxleitner) and Mimbari alien ambassador Delenn (played by LOST's Mira Furlan), despite their early differences and mindsets, would unite to fight a common enemy threatening the galaxy- the once dormant, now existence threatening dark creature known as The Shadows- and find love, marriage and a child in the process. With great on-screen chemistry, you could see that the actors really enjoyed their roles as legendary and courageous war heroes, and later as empire builders and as a couple trying to make the best of things in difficult and certain times in what would become galactic history. Their final episode together, Sleeping in Light, is an emotional roller coaster ride, as John Sheridan's final days are revealed and Delenn has to say goodnight to her dying husband- her sweet prince. It's a beautifully played finale to the five year story arc, with heart pulling direction from series creator J. Michael Straczynski. If you haven't got a Kleenex ready, find one. In fact, find a whole box!

Clip compilation: Babylon 5: Sheridan & Delenn: "Two is Better Than One" - YouTube

The Harts (Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers) enjoy some vintage wine and "moider" in HART TO HART. Image: ULIKE.

JONATHAN and JENNIFER HART (HART TO HART). Today's 'Bones' Brennan and Seely Booth, and Richard Castle and Kate Beckett, and even Dr. Gregory House and Cuddy in some respects, owe it all to this globe-trotting, attractive wealthy married couple (played with fun and a sometimes semi-serious wink to the audience by film star Robert Wagner  and Stefanie Powers), who always seem to have the knack of become embroiled in detective cases and all types of conspiracy and murder most horrid wherever they went, during their long running, world successful series created by legendary author Sidney Sheldon. Happily, though, and at the end of each adventure, despite all the danger and their lives having been threatened, they always managed to get back into the bedroom, or the bathroom, for a bit of rejuvenating hanky-panky, most likely watched by their cute dog, Freeway!

Classic title sequence: hart to hart - YouTube

And Gnome makes three! Front garden trouble for Victor (Richard Wilson) and long-suffering wife Margaret (Annette Crosbie) in ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE. Image: BBC.

VICTOR and MARGARET MELDREW (ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE). Old age may have bought out the worst in him at times, but accident prone retired pensioner Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson), from the BBC series ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, was a man of principle and personal convictions that the viewers often rooted for, even if he did drag down his long suffering but trusty and practical wife Margaret (Annette Crosbie) down in the process! Ultimately, she was his emotional and life-sustaining rock whom he adored, often helping him through the worst of things-the antithesis of the kind of on-screen relationship seen with the likes of Basil and Sybil Fawlty, in that other comedy classic FAWLTY TOWERS- in this always funny black comedy/ look at being old from creator David Renwick. He's been off our screens for a long time-his character literally retired to the grave- but we greatly miss Victor Meldrew, though he and Margaret's place in comedy TV history is assured forever...

Clip: One Foot in the Grave - Secret of the Seven Sorcerers - YouTube

All of the above series are available on DVD.

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