Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Tipping the scales? Glenn Close as Patty Hewes in Season Four of DAMAGES. Images; DIRECTV

It seems as if the formidable and ruthlessly dangerous lawyer Patty Hewes, as played by the brilliant award-winning actress Glenn Close (who, in my book, possesses the best barracuda poker face I've ever seen!), has finally lost her first major cut-throat corporate battle: not against the usual deceitful, pension robbing corrupt businessmen and politicians of America and the world, but against a foe seemingly far worse: UK television executives, as the news has finally been confirmed by the BBC, who aired the previous three series of the hit legal thriller series DAMAGES, that they won't now be purchasing its 2011 made Season Four (of which the stateside show, created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman, had also recently been saved from cancellation by its new home/rescuers at DIRECTV).

The lovely Rose Byrne as Patty's once legal employee/protege, Ellen Parsons.

Season Four trailer: Damages Season 4 Promo - YouTube
KOOL TV feature on DAMAGES Season Four: BATTLE "DAMAGES"... | KOOL TV

This frustrating news, though a long time in coming, isn't shocking to me-the BBC has been cash strapped for quite a while now and can no longer afford to pay competitive prices against the likes of digital channels like SKY for hit US shows (MAD MEN being another prime example where the BBC lost the battle, no longer having the prime modern classic on its roster), and now deciding to save its money on homegrown talent and series making instead. What is annoying, though, is the fact that Auntie Beeb ultimately stopped buying DAMAGES at the wrong time and have probably, unintentionally, damaged its sales potential elsewhere on UK TV, which hurts us the viewing audience. Because of the BBC's exclusive prior first run airings on those first three seasons, it looks highly unlikely that any other digital or terrestrial station will now pick up the option on a series that they conceive of as having been on the air for quite a long time now (Three years? A long time? Yeah, go figure!).

So, with no new purchaser of the series on the horizon anytime soon, let's hope that DIRECTV are able to weather the storm and release the series on UK DVD and Blu-ray a great deal sooner rather than later, so that it's innumerable and very loyal fans in Blighty can catch up with, and savour, the next compelling tale of dark deeds, conspiracies, legal entanglements and bloody violence: combined ingredients which have always made the classy show so successful...

More news from KOOL TV on Season Four, and the ultimate finale Season Five (coming Summer 2012), as and when.

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