Thursday, 8 March 2012


Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue in the new season of CSI. Images: CBS.

We've already showcased the premiere appearance of Ted Danson as DB Russell, the new lead star of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (finally arriving on the UK's FIVE channel from next Tuesday 13th March) in a previous feature (VIVA LAS VEGAS! TED DANSON'S NEW REIGN ON "CSI" | KOOL TV), but here's some additional episodic stills introducing the arrival of another anticipated name actor to the series: the lovely Elisabeth Shue, taking over from Marg Helgenberger's departing Catherine Willows, as Julie (Finn) Finlay, the volatile but dedicated forensics expert, and once co-worker to Russell in Seattle, making her first appearance in the show, then bonding with the Las Vegas based team in her own unique way, within the episode Seeing Red.

New look titles: CSI Las Vegas - Season 12 Intro {w/ Elisabeth Shue} - YouTube

Building better work bonds: Julie and DB in the episode Stealing Home.
In the crime lab with Julie and Greg (Eric Szmanda) in the episode Seeing Red.
He died with his red shoes on! Another case for Nick (George Eads), Julie and DB in the episode Stealing Home.
New girls on the block: Morgan Brody (Elizabeth Harnois) and Julie in Trends with Benefits.
Greg and Morgan are on the case in the episode Bittersweet.
The team pool their formidable resources in Seeing Red.

For the first time in ages, this fresh new look to the long-running, still in the top ten US ratings list series (which also include young blond newcomer Elizabeth Harnois's addition to the swelling cast ranks in the season premiere episode, as Morgan Brody) actually has me want to start watching the show again after several much needed years away from it. Fingers crossed that this regenerative, creative shot in the arm, which I think the series really does need at this time, actually works well for the shows writers and producers as the CSI TV legend continues...

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